This Material Culture - #MeetTheRetailer

Chelsea Slater

What is 'This Material Culture'?

You know how Egyptian artefacts just look Egyptian? That's Material Culture.

Its a term from archaeology to describe the physical stuff of a civilisation that defines who they are.

I love this idea, that objects, especially jewellery, can show who we are and what we stand for and what makes you you. That's the heart and soul of our company, we make jewellery that shows who you are and what you love

What's your favourite thing about owning your own business?

Oooh, I think the very best thing is seeing people wearing our jewellery and loving it and adding their story to it. The fact that someone who I've never met has seen one of our pieces and it's made their day and it's their favourite thing and they wear it all the time. That's awesome. Also being able to work and watch Netflix at the same time. That's good too.

Tell us a little about your day.. what does a normal business day look like?

At the moment it's so varied - there's so many different things about running a business you'd never had thought of!

So first thing is emails, organising events, meetings, replying to any questions, ordering stickers. It's not that glamorous. Taking Walter the chihuahua out for a little fresh air and getting some inspiration from the city.

Then it's looking at what we've sold, and making a plan of what we need to make and ordering any materials we're low on.

Little bit of social media, little bit of product photography, preparing for any events, making sure you guys know about them, writing our newsletter, adding new products to the site.

I'm currently on a programme with Liverpool Chamber of Commerce called spark up, so I'm often over their, meeting with mentors, pitching about the business, listening to talks from different industry pros.

Spreadsheets, business planning (I'm an arty soul but needs must)

And my FAVOURITE thing - making beautiful jewellery. Buttons, charms, crystals, beads, gems - it's an absolute joy to create something gorgeous, knowing someone will love it.

If you could pick anybody in the world to wear your jewellery who would it be?

Tricky question... I think jess from new girl. She's quirky and adorable and fun and that's what we love.

(also Zoe deschanel is awesome)

What's your favourite piece you've created, EVER

Eek there's so many... I think our mermaid bangle. I love the colours, beautiful turquoise and metallic purple and aqua crystals and tiny pearls. Turquoise is my favourite colour (my hairs currently as mermaidy turquoise as I could find). I also love the idea of magical beautiful creatures in the sea and I love how it's been a myth and a story for centuries.

Pick one song that represents your brand...

That Time by Regina Spektor.

It's a totally random song all about little memories and quirky things that make someone unique

'hey remember that time when I would only read Shakespeare, remember that other time when I would only read the backs of cereal boxes'

What's it like retailing at REX?

Fab. I love bold street, it's my favourite and the fact that there's this treasure trove of products that are all from independents, doing what I'm doing, putting their heart and soul into the products they make, making everyday things more awesome. Getting our jewellery out there, sharing it with as many people as possible - that's the dream and Rex is the start of that. Also you lovely customers, when we pop into Rex everyone is just so cool and unique and that's fab.

What's in-store for This Material Culture?

So many exciting things!! Obviously our custom day at Rex where we'll be making and customising jewellery in store, I'm really looking forward to meeting you guys and making amazing pieces that are exactly what you want. Theres a bit of an exciting top secret project we're launching with Rex then too... But you'll have to come to find out. We're hoping to be stocked in stores outside of Liverpool, so everyone can get that bit of This Material Culture wherever they are. We're going to be hiking up our production and hopefully hiring a dream team soon. We'll be launching our summer collection on and in store. Yes. Im very busy! But I love it.

You can shop This Material Culture in-store and via our summer collection.

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