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Chelsea Slater

It's always good when a business comes to you that sells chocolate! The moment we met Kate we wanted her to join the family, not just because her chocolate tastes so good, because she's super awesome too! Here's how she got to where she is now...
  1. Tell us a little bit more about your business / Gallery Cocoa?

Gallery Cocoa specialises in delicious handmade chocolates and patisserie that tastes as good as it looks.Everything is made by hand in small batches right here in Liverpool using gorgeous Belgian chocolate paired with carefully selected ingredients.  Perfect as a unique gift or a scrumptious treat!


  1. We all LOVE chocolate. What inspired you to make a business out of it?

I wanted to set up a food business for a while as love cooking and making treats. With that in mind I did a patisserie and confectionary course at City of Liverpool College where I had a great time learning to make lots of different treats including fine chocolates. I decided to focus on chocolates as loved creating different flavours and finishes. There is always something new to try or do and I love that about it!


  1. Whats your favourite product to make?

I am very much enjoying making cocktail chocolates at the moment! I’ve just made an “old fashioned” whiskey based cocktail which will be in stock this weekend. Aside from that, I absolutely love making hand-painted Easter eggs using different coloured cocoa butters (Easter’s a while off though!)

  1. What equipment do you use?


To temper chocolate I use my marble, palette knife and scraper and a digital thermometer to check the chocolate is at the right temperature. I also have lots of different chocolate moulds and paint brushes to get the right finish.


  1. If you could get anybody in the world to try your chocolate who would it be?

I would have to choose one of the best pastry chefs in the world – Antonio Bachour who is based in Miami. He is renowned for his chocolates and is a real inspiration. I would love for him to taste my chocolates and offer me a job in Miami!! I could post Gallery Cocoa back to Rex J


  1. Go on... what should we try?


The chocolate slabs are a treat. They are made with single origin chocolates so have a unique flavour profile depending on where the cocoa beans are grown. I love the milk chocolate which is from Ecuador and is paired with caramelised hazelnuts.


7. What do you like about retailing at REX?


Rex is brilliant due to its fantastic location in the city centre. I also like that there is lots of different events in store and that I can come in and meet customers and do tasting events. It’s a great way to see what people like and always gives me new ideas about things I should make.


 8. Have you got any plans for the future?


I would like  to have a chocolate and patisserie shop one day! But in the shorter term I am looking forward to selling online and finding more outlets for my chocolates!


 9. Finally, have you got any advice for anyone that would like to start their own business?


 I think the most important thing is to trust your own judgement and instinct. Take advice and do your research too of course but at the end of the day if its your business you need to be happy and confident with the choices you make and no one knows your business better than you!


Gallery Cocoa are sampling in-store this weekend (Saturday 18th) 

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