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is there anything that Gemma from The Button Boutique can't do? As well as running kids craft clubs she also has workshops for hen parties, birthdays and even Elton John! We caught up with her about her business and why she chose to retail with us at REX.
1. What is the button boutique?
The Button Boutique provides art and craft workshops, parties and events for all ages and abilities.
Originally set up to encourage people to create and make things as a way of celebrating, learning and relaxing. The Button Boutique is a home from home, we try to take the pretension out of art and encourage everyone to have ago. To simply enjoy the experience of creating something and not worry about the outcome. 
We offer children parties, hen parties, baby showers, kids clubs, craft camps and timetabled classes and workshops. All now available at Rex.
2. You do so many workshops for all ages but what's your favourite workshop?
I love my job so much the i genuinely enjoy all of the workshops however, i do enjoy the Frilly Knicker Hen Parties.
Theres nothing quite like discussing your underwear to get to know people. When you think of a hen party most people would think of strippers and blow up paraphernalia, but our crafty hen parties are nothing like that. As soon as the girls see the ribbons and glitter they mean business...competition and concentration sets in. 
Most of the brides to be are a similar age to me so i get to play my own classic cheesy tune, reminisce about the good old days while showing the girls how to craft knickers. I get the prosecco flowing and encourage them to forget the diet and fill up and cake. Its like they are all my friends...lots of them actually ask me to go out with them afterwards. But I don't....i'm a professional.
3. Not only workshops, you up-cycle furniture at REX too! How did you get into this?
Ive always been a 'have a go' type of person. Trying my hand at lots of different methods of art and crafts. Being at university and then setting up my own business I've never really had a great deal of spare cash so when its come to decorating my home my lavish taste and my bank balance just haven't complimented each other.
My 'have a ago' attitude lead me to start up-cycling my furniture, friends would call round and like what they saw, they would ask me to transform their old pieces and it went from there...using my art and craft background to try new things with furniture. I now sell my up-cycled bits and bobs in the REX store, as well as teach up-cycling classes and also offer a bespoke service for those that want furniture transformed for them.
4. What's your favourite thing about your job?
There are lots of things i love about The Button Boutique but, my favourite thing would have to be meeting new people everyday. I'm always meeting new groups of people young and old and just love chatting to them and sharing my crafts. Everybody that comes to The Button Boutique is coming to have a good time, to learn a new skill, celebrate a special occasion or in the case of the children simply use as much glitter as they can without mum shouting. So its smiles and giggles all round.
5. If you could invite anyone in the world to one of your workshops who would it be?
This is a tough question....
I reckon Tom Hardy i could get him to make some frilly knickers and then model them afterwards ;)
6. If you could pick one song to dance too forever what would it be?
Im a big Kate Bush fan so i think i could twirl away to 'Cloud Bursting' for a good while.
7. You're well known for your hard work - what advice would you give for someone setting up a business?
  • Be prepared to give it everything 
  • There are no over night successes 
  • You can never please everyone
  • You will have to make sacrifices but, if you love what you do it will be worth it
  • SMILE!
  • If in doubt add glitter...
8. Why REX? 
Rex is fantastic, it has so many great businesses in one place. Most of us are independent Liverpool businesses, we are all in the same boat so can help each other and develop ideas together.
Starting up a business can be isolating and sometimes its tough to know what to do next...its encouraging and motivating to be part of a team.
Not to mention its new fantastic location offers great exposure for any start up business.
9. Any exciting plans for the future?
Lots! As we are now settling into our space at Rex we are able to develop a full timetable of classes. We aim to have something for everyone and every interest. We've recently relaunched our kids Saturday Craft club which runs weekly 10am-12noon for children to come and get their craft on and make new friends. We will be teaming up with other businesses such as Liverpool Girl Geeks to bring something a little different too. Our Summer Holiday Craft Camp also starts at the end of July keeping children entertained and parents sane all through the summer break.

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