Happy Mothers Day

When REX asked me to do a small post up for Mothers Day, I was absolutely over the moon because I was getting to write about something I love: being a mum!!

Mothers Day is one of those days that make us thankful for the strong matriarch of the family. It's the day to show her how much the past few decades have meant to us and how we’re thankful for everything in between that was sacrificed in bringing us up to be the confident, respectful, independent, young ladies we are today!

This ones for you mum, because although I didn't show it back then I appreciated every weekend you gave up for me, every early morning, driving in the dark (because I know now how much you actually hate it), all the tears you wiped away, the sleepless nights I was unwell and you refused to sleep - just as I do now with your granddaughter.

It got me thinking, remising back to the 'good old days' and highlighted the most prolific thought you have ever said to me, which I’ve remembered and thought about every day since you said it:

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself, as long as you are happy with yourself then no one else opinion matters”

So, I decided to dedicate this post to all the mums out there and the one piece of advice they gave their daughters as they embarked on their long and 'emotional' journey into womanhood....

Sharon Simons, Culture Liverpool

My mum always said the sleepless nights won't last forever they are babies for such a short time so enjoy them as much as you can now whilst they are little and a cup of tea solves everything 

Sally Ayres, Pretty Flamingo

My mother is the most hard working, gracious, beautiful women I've had the privilege to know and have in my life and by having her it's taught me to respect and appreciate her for the talented women she is, without question. There are far too many to chose from here are her best pearls of wisdom:

+ That lipstick is the most important accessory of any day

+ My mother taught me how to be totally unselfish and always put others before my self, apart from when it comes to cake

+ My mother taught me how NOT TO COOK and inadvertently taught me how to do so! (Soz mum)

+ I learnt from my mum how to multitask and keep every plate I have spinning and when one falls and breaks - it's not a problem - because every mess can be cleared up!

Megan Edwards, Lush

Things I learned from my mum "never look like you haven’t got your shit together... Dress like you've already got the job you want"

Jayne Moore, Moore Media

My lovely mum sally who is now 85 has dementia. She has taught me to be strong and to be myself, comfortable inside my own skin. She also taught me to laugh and be happy at any cost and that money does not buy you happiness.

She also sat me down at 12 to teach me the only two things I'd need a man to do for me, "This is how you change a plug, and let's show you how to hang wallpaper!" Completely empowering my young mind. It wasn't that she was a raving feminist, purely mum wanted me to choose my partner in life for love, not the ability to match a pattern in a roll of wallpaper.

Chio Ohajuru, Chio Couture

Never be scared to do anything alone ... Momma Chio x

Colette Kellgren

My mum taught me to always*always* care for others, that nothing is ever the end of the world and every ridiculous Scottish folk songs there ever was.

Chelsea Slater, Liverpool Girl Geeks

My mum showed me how to be a strong independent woman (welsh Beyoncé) and to never get a boyfriend - ha!

Jordana Lunt

How important it is to wind a baby properly and how to fight like a man!

Alexandria Meade, A.M By Meade

My mum taught me how to sew! And look at me now with my own fashion business. And to always be independent

Danielle Youds, Delifonseca

Things Mama Youds told me- 1. Always invest in a good bed or good shoes, if you're not in one, you’re in the other. 2. Always have a box of eggs and you'll be able to make a meal 3. Be kind- always! 4. It didn't matter if I had no qualifications as long as I could do my make up in the back of a dark taxi 5. I could do absolutely anything!! 

Enola Rose, Milliner

My mum taught me to be independent, kind and strong … and of course to never leave the house without your lips on!

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Thanks love Big Mama x

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