Chelsea Slater

How wonderful is a vinyl compared to a CD? Or even an invisible playlist on your Spotify? We have a huge collection of vinyls in-store so it wouldn't be right if we ignored some of the teams favourites this #NationalRecordStoreDay

Here's to music! 

Team member: Alexandria Therese

Favourite: Always Madonna but on this occasion i think its got to be- 'You Can Dance'! - Ive got a HUGE collection at home so it was hard to pick, but you will usually find me doing my sewing and singing along to Madonna somewhere on my days off! 

Team member: Matt Bell

Favourite: Obvs the Gorillaz (dance moves to go with)

Team member: Gary Carney

Favourite: Anything by Biggy aka Big Poppa, Christopher Wallace ... can't find me anywhere? Well you obviously haven't tried the 'Hip Hop Karaoke' down at Shipping Forecast

Want to win some Vinyls?

This weekend we are giving you the chance to win 5 vinyls courtesy of #BobsVinyls in store. All you gotta do is tweet us your favourite lyric for a chance to win! 

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