Dolorous Jewellery by Suite Hazen

Chelsea Slater

Part of the Suite Hazen collective of unique brands and artisanal accessories at Rex includes Dolorous,  a line of jewellery to adorn the body ranging from adjustable body harnesses and hand pieces perfect for days at the beach, nights on the town and the festival circuit.  The body chain harnesses are adjustable and flattering to all body shapes. They can be worn as suited to the wearer as well as a long necklace for layering. The whimsical rosy hued pieces are a nice departure from the everyday yet can be worn everyday to make a new statement! 
Here is a little about Dolorous Jewellery:

Dolorous Jewellery is a collection of hand made pieces designed and produced by Danielle Singer in her hometown of Toronto. The designs stem from a strong foundation in sculpture and three dimensional study, which evolved into jewellery production through formal education in goldsmithing and metal work. Made with primarily brass chains and various vintage components, the line has an organic aesthetic that gives a casual and wearable feel to sometimes quite elaborate statement pieces like hand adornment and body harnesses. The materials are meticulously sourced and are of high quality with many of the supplies coming from limited vintage stock.


You can shop Suite Hazen in our new store within the Metquarter.


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