Our bets are in and we think the Royal Baby will be a .......

Everyone is going C-R-AZY over the news of a newborn entering the Royal family possibly today, one woman has been sitting outside the hospital for 14 days, you could get up to all sorts in that time we hope she brought a packed lunch!

So obviously all this baby talk has got us all broody and our retailers haven't missed the opportunity to get some baby products in! Lets have a look shall we?

Myne Boutique baby champagne bottle - babies can celebrate too you know!

Kath Caldwell illustrated baby tee you can buy this here! 


Errrrrmmmm how adorable is this sock monkey?? Pick him up in-store only. He's too cute and he has a little girlfriend too! 

danananananana .... SPACE CAT! if this isn't in your little boy or girls room then they are missing out! Who doesn't love space and cats? Illustration by Bird House Press... follow them here!!

So... what do you think??




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