City on Alert after T-REX Discovery

Chelsea Slater

City Council chiefs have been liaising with government experts today after a discovery in REX in the basement of Rapid on Basnett Street caused a city wide scare. Workers in REX were in the process of preparing to open the store for another busy day when suspicious footprints in the cafe area led to emergency procedures being put into place to prevent a city wide catastrophe.

Large footprints were discovered and seem to have come from the cafe area. Officials have expressed concern that a dinosaur may have escaped after several eggs were found within minutes of an excavation of the site commencing. 

REX is in the basement of what was the old George Henry Lee building, the suspicion is that the building has been constructed on top of a dinosaur in a deep sleep that has been awoken from the aromas of the teas in the cafe above.
The area has been sealed off from the public for several days while the rexcavation continues. Matt Bell from REX expressed his shock at the discovery "We were just starting work on a Tea shop but it seems like we must have awoken something spectacular that I'm not sure if this city is ready for"
The city has been put on alert as officials try to determine what sleeping giant has arisen in the city. Liverpool City Council consultant Dr Alan Grant said "Something is about to hatch on this site, we also have to be vigilant about what has left the site as we ask ourselves; do you think he saw us?" 


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