REX Loves... Whole Foods!

We would like to introduce you to the world of Whole Foods... and in particular our newest, fabulous retailer Koala Parlour

Ever since Emily was a child her and her mum used to go to a local health food shop, which was a little haven in her hometown village of Lichfield. Twenty years ago being a vegetarian was hard, so every Saturday they used to go to the shop and get their supplies. Emily loved the smell and dreamt of having her very own whole foods shop one day...

Emily became much healthier in her early 20s and went to university in Aberdeen. When she came home she suggested to her mum that they open a health food shop in Lichfield. This is when Koala Parlour was born.

After a year unfortunately the shop had to close. Tesco built a superstore that took all the trade away from the centre of Lichfield, Julian Graves an established health food name came to the city and we were months away of the recession, eating healthy was at the back of people's minds - after closing, Emily got a job at Waitrose and her mum kept selling whole foods through the local market. 

After moving to Liverpool and discovering REX they thought about setting another shop up again. This time round, on a much smaller scale Emily's idea was to focus on the food. She wants people to get inspired and experiment with ingredients. At the moment Emily has only 3rd of the stock she would like in, she would love for it to grow and expand into skincare products. 

Koala Parlour has been re-born in REX and we couldn't be happier! We would like to invite you to their Launch on the 28th of March from 12-2pm where you can sample their trail mixes, take in their fresh herbs and spices and wonder around their whole food offerings, as well as chat to them about their awesome new business. 

In the mean time - follow them on Instagram and Twitter and see them grow! 



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