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Mr Fitz Dandelion & Burdock


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Our delicious Dandelion & Burdock shares its origins with a number of drinks originally made from lightly fermented roots and has been drunk in the British Isles since around 1265. Another timeless classic with a mellow creamy finish

Such is this drink’s ability to evoke poignant childhood memories we have dubbed this as ‘time travel in a bottle’ Take a trip back in time with a glass of this nostalgic original classic cordial.

Our cordials can be diluted with still, sparkling or soda water and are delicious served hot or cold.

Our recommendation for best results is to dilute with sparkling water.

Burdock Root - Scientific Name - Arctium Lappa Origin -Native to Europe & Northern Asia and North America

Burdock Root: is believed to have been effective as a blood purifier, diuretic, laxative, ease joint pains and offer comfort for some skin problems. It contains Vitamins C B & Magnesium and is considered to support and maintain a healthy liver, kidneys and bladder.

Each bottle contains 500ml of cordial

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