Wake up, Santa Claus!


REX Presents: Wake Up, Santa Claus!

Santa Claus is coming to Bold Street this Christmas after news of REXmas reached the North Pole! 


It’s been a busy few months for himself and his Elves, so when he heard about the launch of our new Basement Winter Wonderland he knew REX: The Concept Store was the perfect place to relax, unwind and de-stress before the big day!


With a jiggle of their jingle bells and a shake of their snowflakes his Elves have worked a Christmas miracle by magically moving Santa’s living room into REX!
Now the presents are wrapped and the cushions are plumped he will soon be sliding down the chimney, slipping into his armchair and taking a well deserved Santa-pause from all the hard work.


Once Santa has parked his sleigh on December 3rd, shaken the snow off his boots and settled into his REX living room it won’t be long before he drifts off to sleep!


If you can help the Elves wake Santa Claus from his nap he will have a sack full of gifts to hand out, and a Christmas story to tell!


Although Santa Claus is feeling tired, not everyone can have a snooze... There is plenty more work to do before the 25th!


As well as moving his living room from the North Pole to Bold Street, the Elves have also borrowed our new workshop space to finish making the last of the Christmas presents. While you’re waiting to see Santa Claus you can sneak in, see them in action and even make your own hand made gift! 


The head Elf will come and collect you when Santa is ready but be ready to shout...
Wake Up, Santa Claus!
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 £8.50 entry each child: includes gift and craft workshop.
Ask a member of staff to book your slot.















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