We're an award-winning British manufacturer of beard and moustache care products. 
We understand that being a beardsman doesn't just mean having some hair on your face, it's an attitude and a way of life. 
We're striving to make the best products possible - for instance, when developing our beard oil we spent a painstaking few months developing the best scents and getting the product fully safety certified.​ Our products consistently get 5 star reviews and have been in GQ and The Daily Star!
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Moustache Wax Moustache Wax Quick View

Moustache Wax


All a gentleman needs to help him keep a stiff upper lip. Your food will no longer have to fight with your moustache hair for a place in your mout...
The Arctic Explorer beard oil Quick View

The Arctic Explorer beard oil


Using faster absorbing additional base oils from those used in The Beard Base and  The Lumberjack , The Arctic Explorer is a seriously luxurious be...
The Beard Base beard oil Quick View

The Beard Base beard oil


The Beard Base beard oil is full of oils that ensure your beard flourishes even in the harsh cold of winter, keeping it moisturised and soft. The B...
The Lumberjack beard oil Quick View

The Lumberjack beard oil


The Lumberjack beard oil uses the same combination of Safflower, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Vitamin E oils as The Beard Base, but also contains Pi...

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