Tantalizing vintage fashion with a twist!

The 60's was a huge era for Liverpool, with it's famous four boys and short sleeved dresses, fashion until this day is incredibly recognisable and that will never go away. One of our newest retailers and avid 'vintage' fashion lover Arch Doxy Vintage specialises in just that and we spoke to her to find out ALL about it! 

What is Arch Doxy vintage and how did it start?

Arch Doxy’s concept is to tantalize your fashion taste buds with something different – to step out of your comfort zone and try an era, shape or colour you haven’t experienced before. It’s not just about handpicked vintage it’s about choice.

We founded Arch Doxy in 2014 so we could bring affordable vintage clothing from all eras to our customers. With over 10 years’ experience in vintage retail our team put customer’s first. All Arch Doxy’s dresses are ready to wear and in great condition.

What sparked your interest in Fashion?

My interest grew into a passion for the shapes, colours & cuts and there is no better place to cut your vintage teeth than in the swinging sixties. From couture to high street I couldn’t get enough of that free spirt that embodies the 60’s.

Talk about your customers, what does one typically look like or is your brand suited to lots of people?

Our customers are wide ranging as ‘vintage’ has no bounds – we pride ourselves in being able to spark your imagination with the collections we place in store so you can create your own style. Arch Doxy is about being different and not caring what everyone else is doing its about what’s right for you.

If you could dress ONE person in the world who would it be?

That’s a hard question as were not really about dressing someone we’re more about how you express your personality through our range but at a push I would say 1969 Twiggy. Twiggy? because she had a look which meant she could, be anyone, any style any shape, any colour.

If your brand was a song what would it be?

If you said artist its easy – Blondie! song choice is way harder her vibe is Arch Doxy’s inspiration; edgy and carefree. Take your pick from Rapture to Heart of Glass we love them both!

What do you like about being in REX?

We love the creativity flowing through the doors! Small inspirational labels fighting for a place on the high street – Rex opens the door to one of the best vintage locations in Liverpool’s vibrant ropewalks area.

What's in-store for Arch Doxy for the future?

After seeing a successful second year we are expanding our collections to Camden, London and with the birth of our new website we are developing a worldwide customer base with new lines for Christmas including a special collection of exciting collectible 60’s dresses.

We hope to make ‘vintage’ more of a brand rather than a lifestyle with interesting clothes you can mix and match with your current wardrobe. We have built our reputation on good customer service and amazing dresses - we intend to make that our priority as we continue to grow.

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