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Chelsea Slater

If you've ever wondered what the collection of bright, quirky homeware was at the front of the store then we are here to tell you. That was the works of Bambu Rubia - a Liverpool based company ran by Jayne Greenwood, a company that specialises in Mexican Fair trade and what's even better 

the money helps a hospice in San Miguel that also helps water harvesting.

Mexican artisans produce their craft from the ingredients found in their natural surroundings, the clay from the earth, they use natural pigments extracted from plants for dyeing. The wood from the copal tree for carving. These technique s have been passed  down generation s for hundreds of Years.

Let's take a look at some of the products >>>

The Elvis statue/ Dia fe Muertos / day of the dead

Day of the dead is one of the oldest Mexican traditions since Aztec times. By coincidence, the  catholic Spanish conquerors had in their calendar something similar, all souls day, and both celebration merged. These figures are used to decorate altars, always with a sense of humour and respect at the same time.
are part of household alters and depiet patron saints and ancestors. They can act as shrines or protection. The most common central figure is virgin Mary, in central america - virgin of Guadalupe. Handmade with wood and tin.
Mexican market bags
Eco friendly market bags made from woven poly mesh extremely durable and stain resistant. Used as shopping bags, totes and beach bag.
Miracles or recycle tin are small folk charms found in many areas if Latin america. They are carried for protection, good luck or healing.
Bambu Rubia offers free sugar skull wrapping paper when you spend over £25 on their products in-store and they have tons more products at our Bold Street home! 
You can go and like them on facebook! 

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