AM by Alex Meade - Fashion designer & #Glamcycle creator

Alex Meade has been designing clothes since a teen and has been with us at REX since the very start owning a small box on our box wall and growing it to one of the biggest spaces in-store. She can turn any old piece of clothing into a master piece and would travel back to the 80's in a second! Here's her story...

1. Tell us a little bit about your brand; AM By Alex Meade 


AM by Alex Meade is a womans fashion brand started in 2011. At the beginning we offered statement summer clothing but have recently decided to branch out and are now offering summer clothing, made to measure bespoke pieces, alterations and glamcyling.


2. When did you start making clothes and what inspired you to do it? 


I started making clothes when I was 17. My mum always made clothes so it was something that I was brought up with but not something that I ever took an interest in. I wanted to be a fashion journalist and was studying English A Levels. The main reason I started is because I always liked to look different and liked the idea of wearing something that you knew no one else had. My mum always made me clothes but this one time I was going on a night out and she was too busy to get my outfit finished and I decided that I could do it myself! and thats when it all come together, I decided that making and designing was something I wanted to do. Thankfully this was the right decision!


3. What's your favourite thing about being a fashion designer / dress maker? 


I like seeing people in my clothing. The best feeling ever was in Ibiza, at the time I was mainly focusing on my summer range and I seen so many people wearing my pieces. I also love receiving pictures from all my customers wearing my pieces.


4. What's 'Glamcycling'? 


Glamcycling was an idea I had after having the same conversation with so many people. As we sell lots of vintage in Rex we always get people saying I love this but it doesn't fit or I love this fabric but it doesn't suit me. So I thought it would be a good idea to offer people a place where they can bring their vintage finds and get them up cycled into something that they would actually wear. The products don't just have to be vintage though, I have recently cleared my wardrobe finding some pieces that I have only worn once and I have up cycled them all into new outfits. Glamcycling is just a chance where people can be a bit creative with something they already own.
Glamcycling is also good for our planet too. When you bin your old clothing they go to a landfill site where methane is released which contributes to climate change. Making use of old items will also save you buying new things which reduces the need for more goods to be manufactured.


5. If you could dress anyone in the world in your clothes who would it be? 


I would love to dress Blake Lively, she dresses so elegantly and always looks amazing on the red carpet. I'd also love to dress Audrey Hepburn, her classic style is something that all people in fashion aspire to. 


6. How do you get 'in the zone'?


I love working early mornings. I get so excited getting into the shop early and just putting my music on and sewing until the shop opens at 10. There's no distractions then.


7. If you had a time capsule what decade would you travel to and steal their clothes? 


I think I'd travel back to the 80's. I love the craziness of the fashion! The big shoulder pads and the lycra, I am also obsessed with 80's Madonna. But I also really love the classic styling of the 50's. I think 50's fashion is when things really started to become interesting!


8. What's in-store for AM By Alex Meade? 


Well we have just moved in to our new space and will begin our Glamcycling! I'm working with some Vintage brands at the moment and the idea is to take on some of their older stock and give it all a Glamcycle makeover. 
I like to keep things unique so don't want to ever mass produce items but I am doing a range of stretch items, think Kimmy K style! 
I want my brand to be for everyone so whatever personal style you own, I can create something to fit.


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