The quirky girl gift guide | #SUITEHAZENTALKS

Chelsea Slater

For the quirky girl that has everything, Suite Hazen has you covered. This unique guide is filled with luxury gift-ables and provides a chic and easy solution to holiday shopping for the trickiest of loved ones. 
1. Espresso Cup - A buddy to enjoy your morning beans with 
2. Gold Talon Earrings - perfect everyday studs all the way from LA
3. A Graphite pencil and objet d’art for the home - Hint the Antler is very appropriate this season 
4. Fur Pom Pom key chain Bag bobble- wintry accessory to update a purse or handbag
5. Iron Corkscrew- a hand made utensil to get the party started 
6. Inspo Art Print- inspiration mantras for the person who enjoys a few words of wisdom in the AM 

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