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Chelsea Slater

There's nothing finer than when you get approached by a passionate designer wanting to retail with you. So when Carrie from Junkbox Couture contacted us we immediately wanted her brand to join the #REXFAM. What's more desirable than a wooly hat in the winter? We caught up with her to see what really makes them tick.... 



So, what is Junkbox Couture and how did it start?


Junkbox Couture is a lifestyle brand for anyone with a sense of Wanderlust. 
Our products are all made by our own fair hands and are inspired by our love of travel, adventure and the world that surrounds us . All our photography is taken by our team with quotes inspired by the individual moments & places they were captured.
Starting as a small run of Tshirts we wanted to use our imagery of the beautiful places we have explored to create a ready to wear fashion range for everyone to enjoy. We now have a number of ranges & designs that also include illustrations that are exclusive to Junkbox, from artists and friends we have met along the way.


Describe your brand in 3 words;
Experience, Love, Create


What inspired you to create your own fashion label?


Coming from a largely Visual Merchandising based retail background, I have spent much time over the years behind the window creating scenes for others to appreciate.
I wanted to create a scene to inspire people in a way that they can be a part of it too instead of just being observers. With Junkbox I wanted to visualise that scene & allow our customers to live in the moment.


Where do you see the brand going, what are your aspirations for the brand?


Junkbox Couture is still a relatively new concept. Starting as a small brand of clothing with a heavy focus on exploration and adventure within nature we want to evolve this into more of a lifestyle. Combining fashion, nature, art & music we want people to invest into a way of life and not just a product.


If you could pick one song to describe your brand what would it be and why?


Ben Howard: Old Pine.
The lyrics epitomise the premise of Junkbox perfectly!
'Hot sand on toes, cold sand in sleeping bags, I've come to know that memories were the best things you ever had.
The summer shone, beat down on bony backs, so far from home, where the ocean stood, down dust and pine cone tracks'


If you could pick any person in the world who would you like to see wearing your clothes?


Any of 'The Staves'
With Music being such a large inspiration for our brand it would be amazing to have someone that inspires us to represent our products.


Why did you choose REX, what do you like about us?


REX celebrates the independents, in an economy that is saturated by large corporations it is a breath of fresh air to have a stores dedicated to smaller independent businesses.
I love the idea of being part of a creative community of like minded people who have such raw passion about what they do. 
Also Liverpool has to be one of our favourite cities. With such a strong representation of art & culture it really is a great place to be!


Please say hi on Twitter or shop online via our website! 

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