Faith Bebbington sculpture exhibition

Chelsea Slater

REX isn't just a department store. We try to make REX a place for experiences, somewhere you can come and relax, have a cup of tea, some cake and look at art as well as find some wonderful gifts for loved ones and for yourselves (of course).

Liverpool has some fantastic up and coming artists and with a little help from dotart we are giving them the opportunity to have a city centre space where they can exhibit and sell their magnificent work! 

This month we have a sculpture exhibition by local artist Faith Bebbington. 

Faith Bebbington gained her BA Hons. Degree in Fine Art: Sculpture from Winchester School of Art. She has over twenty years experience of creating sculpture, exhibiting and selling work across the UK and Europe, from her studio base in Liverpool. Her work has been commissioned for private, public and corporate settings across the UK by a range of clients including Knowsley Borough Council, The Football Association, the Canal and River Trust and Veolia Environment.

Faith talks about her approach: “My sculptural practice stems partly from being born with mild cerebral palsy - a disability that is almost imperceptible to most people, but has a daily impact on my life and makes me particularly conscious of my own and other people’s physical movements. So I create sculpture that explores the process of movement; from the subtle actions many people take for granted such as being able to balance and simple coordinated movements like walking; to the more energetic actions used by sportspeople and performers.”

"Another aspect of my work is exploring the body in motion, but free of all restrictions like jumping, climbing, swimming, skydiving, free running; it’s the moment in mid-air that interests me most! My sculptures are purposely universal, often genderless figures set in space, so the viewer can focus on the action or movement of the figure.”

Faiths exhibition isn't here forever and it is so much more magnificent in real life - so make sure you come and have a look! 

Can't find us? Here's a 30 second video from John Lewis right down to us! It's not that hard right? :D

Posted by Rex: The Concept Store on Sunday, 12 April 2015


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