So you want to be a retailer?

Retailers are busy individuals. From ordering and making stock, to researching trends, displays and social media marketing we truly have got to give each other a high five! 
Rex believes that with some help and the right products anyone can become a retailer and we have asked our very own to give you some tips on how. 
1. Identify and get to know your target market
Katherine Caldwell an illustrator and one of our clothing retailers says to "Specialise don't generalise"  when it comes down to choosing the right products for your customers. They key is to research every detail when it comes down to your customer, where they are from, the gender, age group, where they shop and where they spend their time online. 
2. Keep stock seasonal and up to date
Girl on Purl advises that "Market research will help you keep on track with current trends and what is popular and more likely to sell" The seasons are your friends! You can bring in stock that will be perfect to give as a gift at Christmas, maybe offer one of your products in a gift bag for example, you could promote stock to give as valentines gifts, mothers day, easter, summer, halloween - the possibilities are endless for whatever stock you sell.
3. "Take an interest in every aspect of your business"
Freya, owner of the brand Naked Without It makes sure she takes control of every aspect of her business. She says that you need a plan, you need to take ownership of manufacturing, stock, costs and marketing. The most important things is to "always put your own stamp on things big or small"
Freya is a retailer that knows what stock is popular and brought out a range of flash tattoos that are going to be a best seller this summer. A perfect example of a brand researching trends and staying on brand. 
 4. Have fun with your brand identity
Rhombus and Pineapple are an eminent example of this. Have you ever seen their space in REX? The most important thing for them is to "Keep displays bright, fresh, exciting and changed regularly to keep customers interested" At Christmas we seen their display transform into a blazing grotto full of tinsel and as soon as the new year hit it transformed into a NY celebration with balloons and confetti. Seasons are crucial for retailers and are there to help you have idea's for your displays - use them to your advantage! 
5. Promote and Inspire online
One of the fundamental and resourceful things about new technologies and social media platforms is that they are free and simple to use! Twitter and Instagram in particular are amazing platforms to interact and engage with your customers. Use hashtags to entice people outside of your followers to see your content, use as many images and videos as possible as this has a much higher reach than a string of words. These platforms are probably the most powerful kind of marketing you can use - so use them! 
If you have any other tips tweet us @RexLiverpool 

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