Meet Kel; The creator of My Celebration Boards

Alex Therese

My celebration boards is a new venture and new member of the #REXFAM. We spoke to Kel, owner and creator;


1. What is your business and why did you decide to create it?
My Celebration Boards make bespoke and personalised boards for all your special occasions. They are made by hand, In the style of a chalkboard and the idea behind them is for the boards to be a keepsake, to commemorate a special moment in your life. I decided to create the business after trying to find a chalkboard for my daughters 1st birthday and found then to be quite expensive, so decided to create my own version that I could frame. After several months of creating boards for family members, I decided to turn My Celebration Boards into a business. And here we are!


2. What's your favourite thing about having your own business?

Having the freedom to come up with ideas and then go create them! Without needing anyone else's permission. And also, seeing the joy that one of our boards can bring, when its handed to the customer, knowing that I made it.

3. We all love to celebrate, what's your favourite holiday/occasion?

I adore Christmas! Having young children means that there is extra magic in our house, but we really do try and get into the spirit as much as we can.

4. If you could make a celebration board for anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be for?

Wow, there are so many to pick from. I am a big Stereophonics fan, so maybe for them a board that would include all their achievements and also the quirky daft stuff they like to do, that us fans don't know about.

5. Why did you come to REX?

I was looking for a way to get my boards out into the public, but didn't want to be taking on a shop of my own. I seen an article about Rex on the Liverpool Echo webpage and felt it was the right move for me.

6. If you could pick one song to dance to what would it be?

A song I always like to "through a few shapes " to is Lady Gaga, Marry the night!!

7. What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Don't rush! If you have a good idea, and you think it can work, do your research and explore your options first, And then plan how you will start it, step by step. Be open to ideas and advice.  That's what I did. And from the research I did, I came across a brilliant course through the  Liverpool Chamber of Commerce called Spark Up, and it has helped me so much in furthering my business and my knowledge.

8. Finally, what's in-store for your business?

Going into summer, we hope to be part of many more weddings, with plenty of orders in already, especially for our " Mr and Mrs" boards. We are planning to get out and about at some wedding fairs, meeting the public and finding out what they would like us to do and how we can bring them more options. We also plan to be selling online very soon! Keep and eye on our social media, for more updates on how we are growing! and the exciting times ahead!

You can follow My celeb boards on twitter here. 

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